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80+ Years of Combined Experience!

Here at PFM Maintenance we have provided expedited aircraft maintenance for 5+ years at PDK. We are dedicated to quick turn-around on scheduled maintenance and can provide additional specialty services, such as:

weight and balance

compass swing

AC servicing and repair

Propeller dynamic balancing

Extensive parts inventory


Robert Gianoli

  • A&P IA

  • Continental factory trained

  • Diamond factory trained

  • Simcom trained for Matrix


Eli Gregg

  • 10+ years mechanic experience.

  • 5 years in the Navy working on a submarine.

  • Decided to further pursue mechanical prowess in aviation maintenance.

  • Will have A&P in September


Greg Wyatt

  • 30 years experience in Real Estate construction and maintenance.

  • Private Pilot with over 300 hours of flight time. 

  • High performance and complex airplane flight endorsements.

  • 10+ years of HVAC service and installation experience.


James Knight

  • 40+ years experience.

  • 21 years in military aviation both in army and air force. Commercial pilot certificate.

  • Can pilot airplanes and helicopters.

  • A&P and IA.

  • Attended 10 factory schools including Continental motors and Robinson Helicopters.

  • Completed Embry Riddle Aeronautical University   aviation maintenance technology program. 


Mike Stewart

  • 37 years industrial maintenance and worldwide field service.

  • Pilots license.

  • A&P

  •  Built: Sonerai 2L, Zenith 601 HDS, Zenith CH 200, Thorp T-18, Pitts Special

  • Restored: Piper PA-20, Piper PA-22

  • Managed: Crop dusting maintenance facility

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